Personal Well-Being Support Services

Our personal well-being support services are designed to enhance our participants overall well-being and improve their mental, emotional, and physical health. 
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Our personal well-being support services aim to support participants in leading a fulfilling and satisfying life, promoting positive mental health, and building resilience to cope with life's challenges. 

Conscious Evolution

Conscious Evolution Coaching helps individuals explore and tap into their inner potential, wisdom, and purpose. It encourages self-awareness, mindfulness, and a deeper understanding of one's beliefs, values, and desires. The coach assists the client in identifying areas for growth and supports them in making intentional changes in their thoughts, behaviors, and actions to create a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.


Our Spiritual Journey Companion practice assists individuals in exploring and deepening their spirituality, whatever that may mean for them based on their beliefs, values, and traditions. Our relationship is one of trust and confidentiality. The spiritual companion listens attentively to the participant's experiences, questions, and concerns, without judgment, and helps them reflect on their thoughts and emotions in a spiritual context.


Transpersonal hypnotherapy is a therapeutic approach that combines principles of traditional hypnotherapy with elements of transpersonal psychology. It aims to address not only the individual's immediate concerns or issues but also the broader aspects of their spiritual, emotional, and higher self-experience.

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