Personal Enrichment
Courses and Services

 Our personal enrichment online courses and support services are designed for  individuals who are actively seeking and engaging in activities, experiences, and learning opportunities to expand intellectual, emotional, social, or spiritual aspects of their life.
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Be a Conscious Creator of Your Life!

Our personal enrichment online courses are designed to support your continuous process of developing and enhancing your knowledge, skills, abilities, and overall well-being with the purpose of achieving personal growth and fulfillment.


Check-out our online course catalog and enjoy acquiring knowledge in your areas of interest related to professional development and personal passions.

Positive Psychology
Master Classes

Our Positive Psychology Master Classes are specially designed for those currently engaged in or aspiring to cultivate the positive aspects of their human experience.

Inner Journey

As a Sounds True partner we share the work of the world's leading teachers who provide impactful content for personal transformation and spiritual awakening. 


Embark on a quest of self-discovery, delving into your psyche, emotions, thoughts and beliefs to gain self-awareness, purpose, identity and potential.

~ Wisdom Teachings ~

Master Your Life from Your Conscious Center!

This is your opportunity to create the life you desire!

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