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The Benefits of Regret

“I should’ve done better.”
"I could’ve made a different decision.”
“I wonder what would’ve happened if I made another choice.”

Regret is an incredibly common human experience. It’s likely that everyone you know could tell you a story of their regrets. Sometimes regrets are small, like sleeping in too long or forgetting to call a friend. But sometimes regrets are debilitating. They fester and grow, taking root in our minds and making us feel upset, disappointed, and inadequate.

In his book The Power of Regret, Daniel Pink argues that processing these core regrets can help us move past them and even use them to our advantage. To Pink, regrets aren’t something to avoid—they’re tools that can give us insight, direction, and motivation. In this course, you’ll learn how to face your regrets and use them to gain more fulfilling life experiences.

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