Accessing Your Power Without Losing Your Heart & Soul!

Join us for a FREE 3-part video series and receive immediate access to our first video, "Where True Power Lies", where world-renowned teacher, Marianne Williamson, reveals the true source of your power and how to reclaim the truth of who you are.
Watch the first video in the series to learn: 
  • Why what you're taught to believe about power is actually disempowering
  • The ONE shift in perception that can finally align you with your inner power
  • How to use your spiritual practice to "attain and retain" stillness and non-reactivity.
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Lesson series

Video 1

Where True Power Lies
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Lesson series

Video 2

Why People Give Up Their Power
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Lesson series

Video 3

Your Divine Assignment

Meet Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed lecturer, activist and author of four #1 New York times bestselling books. She has been one of America’s most well known public voices for more than three decades.
Seven of her twelve published books have been New York Times best sellers and Marianne has been a popular guest on television programs such as Oprah, Good Morning America, and Bill Maher.

The Powerful Beyond Measure 
Bold 8-Week Online Course

Overcome Fear, Access Your Innate Strength & Let Love Work Through You
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When you Enroll in Powerful Beyond Measure, You'll Receive:

1. Complete Video Training Curriculum 

You'll receive eight video lessons containing some of Marianne Williamson’s most powerful teachings. Recorded before a live audience, these inspiring sessions will take you on a journey toward unraveling the chaos and confusion that block you from your own greatness. Underpinning the entire process is the unwavering truth that YOU are powerful beyond measure. 

2. Q&A Sessions with Marianne Williamson

Join us for TWO recorded Q&A sessions with Marianne. Marianne will answer specific questions as they relate to the material and provide inspiration for your journey.

3. Reflection and Contemplation Workbook

This is where the real work begins as you document your transformation. You'll gain access to a digital workbook with targeted questions to facilitate your evolution. Here, you'll get the opportunity for deep personal reflection and contemplation.

4. Guided Meditations and Exercises

Are you ready to unleash your inner light? Join Marianne for guided meditations and exercises to help you heal your relationships and co-create a better world.

5. Personal

Journaling is one of the most powerful tools for personal transformation. With your online journal, you will have a private place to capture your thoughts and insights.

6. Special 

  • Meditations of the Heart
  • Midwifing the New Consciousness
  • A Return to Love and Decency

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