Confidence Coaching

"Self-confidence is a super power. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening." - Pami Parker

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What is Confidence Coaching?

Confidence Coaching is the perfect way to gain clarity, inspiration, and determination, without all the fluff and fuss.
Working with a confidence coach will help you clarify exactly what you want, determine what’s in your way and put you on the right path to achievement and success (with a whole lot of support and encouragement along the way).
No judgment, no criticism, and no wrong answers – THAT’s how we do coaching!

Coaching (not therapy)

Our Confidence Coaching practice includes an integrative process, which is a cutting-edge methodology designed to support you in becoming whole and fully expressed. By embracing all aspects of who you are as well as all of your life experiences you become open to receiving the wisdom of your life's lessons and claiming the magnificence of who you truly are.
Confidence Coaching is designed to support you to access and come to trust your own innate wisdom and intelligence. Unlike traditional counseling or therapy where you look to someone else for guidance, Integrative Coaching guides you to surface your own answers and internal guidance using advanced exercises and techniques that support you in looking within for your own answers.

Life Learning (not just coaching)

Confidence Coaching is distinct from many other types of coaching in that they are specifically designed to teach you new life perspectives, distinctions, practices and skills. In each of your coaching sessions, you will be taught a new concept to empower you in understanding and handling the circumstances and experiences of your life. 
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It's a Process (not sessions)

Each of our coaching models are designed to be profound and life-altering transformational journeys, which span the course of approximately three months. During this time, your coach will guide you through a deliberate and proven coaching process that consistently produces breakthrough results. Structured yet flexible, extra sessions can be added to an existing program to meet your specific needs, address a specific situation or further integrate a particular step.​

Top 10 Reasons to Work with a Life Coach

1. A life coach sees what you don't see.

Your viewpoint of life has been undoubtedly molded by you, your environment and your life experiences. You hold specific beliefs and habits that shape your lens of yourself, life, situations events and others. Many times the answer we’re looking for and don’t see may be right in front of you.

A coach can see you and your situation, through the eyes of a trained professional whose goal is to focus on YOU, guiding and facilitating the process, while YOU focus on what you want.

A life coach can see old patterns or beliefs that have been keeping you stuck and work with you to resolve these and move past them in the direction of your goals.

You can stop banging your head against the wall now, your life coach has just shown you an open door.

2. A life coach helps you "get there" faster.

A client had an issue she was working on for months. One session with her  life coach helped her see a solution and come up with a plan of action for resolution all in under 30 minutes. This has saved her so much brain power by solving the root of an issue she had been mulling over in her mind countless times.
Many people think they don’t need a life coach because they can accomplish their goals, clear their blocks and live their dreams all on their own. 

My life coach always reminded me,  that I can also walk from Los Angeles to New York, with nothing but my two feet to take me, but wouldn’t I rather take a plane? [Heck, yes!]
There is no prize at the end of the finish line for “person who did it all on their own”. By not hiring a life coach you could be missing out on years saved, lots of revenue missed out on and much unnecessary stress. Your time is valuable and hiring a professional will help you get results faster, allowing you to focus on your dreams and passions.

3. A life coach helps you get clear.

If you know exactly what you want in life and how to make it happen, congrats you’re ahead of most people.

Many people have vague dreams of greatness and bursts of inspiration of making their dreams come true someday, but have no plan to actually make it a reality.

Some people are not sure what they want or what their life’s purpose is. This can make life feel meaningless and dry, leading to feelings of hopelessness or the feeling that something is missing.

Clarity is one of the most valuable assets to reach your goals.

How can you get there if you don’t know where you want to go? 

By offering an external perspective, a life coach helps you see yourself and your situation through a new lens. A life coach will ask you powerful questions you may never think to ask yourself, thus creating space for new thought patterns, new ideas and new questions that lead to new revelations and new solutions.

4. A life coach can help you improve your health and life balance.

Sometimes the demands of work, the stress of life or the struggle to find time for loved ones can take a toll on your mental, physical and emotional health and vitality. Without your health, undoubtedly, every other area of your life suffers.

Sometimes it feels like we can’t have it all. If we excel at something in our life, something else has to suffer. However, that’s not the case. Each of us is born with unique skillsets. Some people are better at relationships. Some people are creative but scattered. Some people are pragmatic and accomplish tasks, but are rigid. And many people unconsciously overwork to the point of exhaustion — or even illness.
A life coach can help you see which areas you excel at and which areas require more attention or assistance, so you can create a lifestyle that allows you to have everything that is important to you in life.

5. You don’t have to do it alone.

Finally, someone in your corner. A life coach is a professional that is trained to help you become who you need to be to achieve your goals for profound and lasting change. Friends and family are great councils, but if you’re looking for someone who truly has your best interests in mind and the professional training to make it so, a life coach is the way to go. The results are worth it.

Some people just work much better when someone holds them accountable and they are able to verbalize their goals and action plans. Introducing your accountability partner. When things get tough, you know that you don’t have to face it alone. A life coach is with you every step of the way, so you can have the courage to keep going in the toughest of times

6. A life coach can open the door to potential you never knew were possible.

While working with a life coach you can discover different ways of thinking or different techniques that you never considered to be possible before.

Because a life coach works with a countless number of people to lead them to transformation and the realization of their goals, they built up an extensive toolset and breadth of experience that you now have access to.

By combining expertise, training and an extensive toolset, a life coach has the ability to see and unlock potential in you that you never even dreamed of — until you experience your own life coaching sessions.

7. Investing in a life coach cements your commitment to self.

Once you decide to hire a life coach it creates and solidifies your commitment to yourself.  You’ve effectively “put your money where your mouth is” and it’s bound to light a fire in you.

There is much power in making a commitment of choice to finally achieve the dreams you’ve had for years or even your entire life.

Whether you are feeling stuck or just ready to take the next step in your personal growth, hiring a life coach shows that you’re serious and you’re ready. Then you can feel the support and the difference that a life coach can make.

8. If you’ve lost faith, momentum or confidence.

Sometimes life just hits us hard and our confidence and optimism take a dive. Too many things happening at once — massive change or just a history of failures can leave you feeling lost, confused or low in confidence.

A life coach helps you work through these moments to help rebuild your confidence and create plans that provide the results you want.

9. If you are completely overwhelmed or out of your element.

Sometimes your dreams and aspirations are so massive and overarching, that the thought of actually achieving them leaves you short of breath. Sometimes a drastic change or major life transitions happen so quickly, we lose our identity. Sometimes you’re dealing with something that is beyond you and just have no idea of how to approach or solve it.

These are the best times to hire a life coach.

These times of change are major times of growth and hold the potential to skyrocket you into the next phase of your life.

These are opportunities in disguise and working with your life coach you can make the most of them, grow radically and step into the new version of you and your ideal life.

10. If you’re ready to create lasting, sustainable change.

When you hire a life coach, you will be transformed into a greater version of yourself and with your new awareness, you can never go back to being your old self again.

A life coach helps you step in your vision of your greatest self and ideal life. You will no longer tolerate the old habits and patterns that you used to conform to.

The process of working with a life coach is a life-changing experience. You will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Now is the best time to start!

Life-Changing Learning & Supportive Programs

Our Clients Us!

"First and foremost Pamela is very open-minded and non-judgmental, and her warm and welcoming personality shows her genuine interest in whoever crosses her path. She is a very dedicated life coach, who listens carefully to the needs of her clients. Being very skilled in understanding what’s communicated verbally and non-verbally, she easily shifts to the perspective of the client in order to understand his or her struggles, without losing focus on the crucial steps required to make a life style shift. With her uplifting, positive and encouraging attitude and genuine believe in the stamina of her clients she is the support system everyone wanting to make a lasting change in personal health, needs. By not only investigating personal eating and exercise habits, but also addressing the underlying challenges and unveiling the pure essence of the client, she creates a firm basis for success." - Agnes D.
Pami guided me through 12 weeks of integrative life coaching and I am so grateful for the new possibilities that continue to open up as I begin achieving the goals that I had set. Pami kept me focused and challenged me to do my deepest inner work. With her support, I have achieved one of my main business goals and am working on a new business project. I am more happier, making time for fun and finding support and resources to improve long standing health issues. Pami used both her vast tool kit of knowledge along with her sensitive intuition to guide each of our sessions to decipher what was needed to help me remove obstacles from what I wanted to achieve and help me gain clarity on my next steps." - Annika K.
"My experience with Pamela was life altering. The 10 session program she guided me through shift me in ways I did not think possible. I needed exactly what this program offered – deep questioning, strong commitment, self-love, and life changing results. While she asked the right hard questions, she also provided a safe environment for me to process, feel, clarify and create anew. After session 3, I could literally feel the shift in my body, mind and spirit. For the first time, I felt I was unlocking hidden information about my authentic self that was always there but I just did not know how to access it. This Integrative process “grew me up.” I continue to have major breakthroughs everyday as a result of Pamela's coaching and this Integrative process. I am forever grateful to Pamela and the sacred work she provides through Integrative Coaching." Saundra P.
"Pami opened my eyes to an inner world yet again, this time deeper within myself. I learned to answer to the voice within my heart, and not only let my analytical mind take over. The softer memories and fears came up, and she introduced me to ways of welcoming these creatures and narratives that I had been pushing away or ignoring. Pami gave me a glimpse of what it is to get to know yourself, and the depths we can reach within the walls of our own home. But also further then that! To look outside again, engage with other people, it was as if she gave me a new pair of eyes, with an extra dimension added to it. She taught me to embrace the energies, spirits and other intangible beings of this multilayered reality. To invite them over for tea, to simply ask them to leave, or to start enjoying their company. I would recommend a journey with Pami to anyone who is looking for guidance within the different realms of our being."- Rosa R.
Meet Your coach

Pamela (Pami) Parker, M.S.

Internationally known as a dynamic and enthusiastic Conscious Life Coach and Teacher, she masterfully guides and supports her clients to make conscious choices to reach their goals and create the life they desire. Her practice implements a holistic approach to conscious (mindful) living. 

Pami currently serves as the Conscious Center Academy director, ensuring quality programs, products and services are available to our community.

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