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How to Enhance Your Mindset

We all have an ideal version of ourselves, a vision of a future in which we have greater control over our behavior, manage our resources more judiciously, set and enforce personal boundaries, or in which we’re working our dream job. The extent to which we believe we can become the best versions of ourselves, however, is a bit more variable. Sadly, the less we believe we are capable of change, the less we can change. This is where having a growth mindset can change everything.
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Change Your Mindset ... Change Your Life!

In this course you will learn what a growth mindset is, why it is important, and how you can develop the kind of self-belief that will grant you the space and the power to live your best life.

Valuable Topics this Course Covers

Defining Your Dreams

Who are Your Monsters

Cultivating Disciple

Changing the Way you Think about Failure

Overcoming Lingering Feelings of Inadequacy

Practicing Self-Compassion When You Struggle or Fail

Discovery Your Why

Avoiding a Life of Regret

Using Your Strengths

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Watching Out for Self-Sabotage

Separating Ourselves from Our Experiences

Use Your Strengths

Autonomy, Relatedness & Competence

Implement Your Intentions

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